He who takes the most risks lives the most.

I find it difficult to believe I have been a frontline entrepreneur for 10 years today. Same time in 2010 I left a management position at a local government agency though I was exceeding all my targets. It is my view that the highest calling in life is total personal leadership. To earn a living and make a real impact in the world from your dreams. The word is autonomy. Living a self-motivated life is another way of seeing it.

My role involved life coaching adults with mild and severe disabilities, coordinating and training other coaches. I was fast-tracked into management, was regularly headhunted by other companies, given the privilege to negotiate my wages often, created talent shows for our clients, created a football team for them, created a music therapy group and had lots of articles written about my work but I wasn’t happy. I was given unusual freedom in my role but I knew the job was too easy for my ability level. It takes 18 months to mentally automate most jobs. Every Sunday evening my heart rate will quicken just because of the thought of confinement. Destiny was calling and I couldn’t ignore her any longer, but I couldn’t find the courage to leave. I felt trapped.


Why was procrastinating? The comfort of feeding time every 28th of the month (the illusion of safety), the praise for the initiatives I carried out, my inherent laziness and fear of what may happen outside the 9 to 5 cave were debilitating. I also struggled immensely with the guilt of leaving the clients who were all thriving. I knew things would never be the same for them again though I tried to train coaches who would keep the service consistent. I had made the choice earlier on in life never to join the 87% of people who do jobs they disliked, so I had to do something to keep my word to myself.


I was overstaying my welcome and I knew it. It took demeaning treatment from two racist subordinate members of my team and a long reflective drive on the Autobarn in Germany for me to finally make the choice to leave the comfort zone and join the 5% walk on the road less travelled. I knew it was going to require everything I knew and beyond. I knew how hostile the safari was going to be towards me. I was aware that being Nubian, having dreadlocks and not willing to bend my values, (sell my soul) reduced my chances of even feeding myself to about 5%. In spite of all these odds, I resigned to the dismay of most people I knew.


Freedom at last, but it comes with heavy responsibility. Freedom mishandled has been known to kill as swiftly as the sting of the Australian Inland Taipan snake. This might shock you but, extensive research has taught me that no mentally fit human was created to be led by another. We were created for autonomy but we consciously and unconsciously hand over control of our lives to others because of the lack of self-control and fear. Ten years of not having a boss has taken my mind to places I never thought existed. I found myself and found an invisible whom I have to rely on even as I walk through the furnace.

Here are a few things I have been able to do in ten years.

1 Learned at least 150 new skills

2 Gone through about 300 books

3 Set up a semi-pro football team and traded with other teams

4 Had a Degree (debt-free)

5 Set up a Fine Art business with collectors in 5 continents

6 Set up A print and framing business

7 Qualify and operate as a life coach to some humble and influential people alike.

8 Married to a beautiful lady

9 Have 3 beautiful and intelligent kids in the preferred order

10Travel to 5 continents and over 20 countries

11 Do a solo Fine Art exhibition

12 Write 2 soon to be on sale books

13 A seat on the Fine Art Trade Guild Committee

14 Take up golf and win 87 prizes

15 Recorded in Legendary SARM studios and Wendy House

16 Perform with A-List artists (music videos)

17 Charity trips abroad

18 Train a stable of musicians

19 Become a speaker

20 Set up a scholarship fund

21 Become a sport agent

22 Coached a multitude to find freedom

22 Taken over 100 Masterclasses

23 Employed staff

The list goes on but I will stop here. I prefer to be private and have been for a long time, but my calling to influence those who desire something more in life now requires me to be a bit more open vulnerable. I am not here to impress you but just to show you what is possible if you decide to take life head-on and truly live. I write and speak openly about a Great Power which I have been tapping into for most of my life. I am just a conduit. I just listen and try to obey. This power is available to everyone and operates just with principles. Fish don’t go to swim school, birds don’t go to flying school and humans are not designed to fail in life. We fail because we violate our nature. I still wonder why anybody will choose to be famished amid a Michelin Star’s Banquet.


Success in life is doing what you believe you were created to do. It brings immense joy. I have felt unimaginable joy on my journey, sometimes through excruciating circumstances. I don’t believe anybody was born to mortgage their life for bricks and mortar on land they don’t even own or wishing they were doing something else. It is a choice everyone is free to make but is it a worthwhile trade off? Your dreams are priceless. Your dream is a domain you have to conquer. It is what makes you come alive. It is what gives you the most fulfilment. It is where you never think of being somewhere else.


I will never be able to compensate my village for the support they have afforded me. I am nothing without them. They include my wife, children, mother, siblings, uncles, aunts, in-laws, comrades, constituents and doubters. I must not forget to emphasize the important role the uncivilised in our midst (racists) has played in spurring me on. Thank you also.


1 Nothing will just happen. It is your call. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

2 You don’t have forever to decide to start living.

3 Salary safety in the can be a great illusion. Use it wisely and leave it behind when you feel the nudge. The spiritual price you are paying is too high. ( Bad business)

4 It is better to try and fail than to have never tried at all.

5 Your dream might be the most important in this ara. Ignoring it may deprive others of their dreams.

6 Everything and everyone you need to be all you can ever be is available. You decide to meet them or not.

7 Fear will prevent you from knowing who you are and the world will never meet you.

8 You don't need to have it all figured out to start. The journey will reveal itself to you in its entirety.

9 You have what it takes. LET THE EGG FALL.

I hope my rambling has been helpful.


I can help you make them come true.

Send me a message via

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