Updated: Nov 13, 2018

We know when we need to change but often resist it.

Familiarity is a wonderful thing but it can also become our worst enemy. I am amazed at how far I am willing to go sometimes to maintain things as they used to be. All revolutions are caused by the need for change and the resistance of it. Wars are cause by the same two push and pull forces. We used horses to travel, now you want people to abandon the horses and start driving around in smoke farting metal contraptions?

Everything starts in the soul. Our love for the familiar and dislike for unfamiliar comes from deep within. As a drum instructor, I am very familiar with the function of auto pilot who is one of the inhabitants of your mind. He has great and very useful functions but I sometimes try to get him to take on more than he was created to do. The mind is constantly trying to dump more stuff on auto pilot so we can vegetate. Change management should be practiced daily, by stepping outside your comfort zone where auto pilot can not help. There is overwhelming evidence to support the notion that a majotity of humanity will rather just lounge all day. Growth is impossible unless we intentionally find ways of liking and embracing change. Change is the only thing in life which is constant, so we will be unwise not to embrace it when it comes along. Im in no way advocating the acceptance of all forms of change. Healthy change is change backed by universal principles. I made the fine art composition of the encyclopaedias and tulips above because I wanted to help people see change as something good.

Lets look at periods which transformed the world forever.

1 The First Agricultural Revolution or Neolithic Revolution

This revolution lasted from 10.000BC to 2000BC and transformed the human way of life from hunter gathering to farming which was a more organised way of living with predictive results. Those who did not align themselves with the revolution lived a much more difficult life. Early adopters became the new rulers.

2 The Industrial Revolution

This was a period between 1760 and 1840 when manufacturing of goods was precipitated by the invention of machines which enabled few people to collaborate with machinery to manufacture vast amounts of goods in a relatively short time. All those who refused to embrace the industrial revolution, became poor and their skillset became obsolete.The early adopters became the new rulers.

3 The Digital Revolution

This revolution began in the 1950's and was caused by the advancement of technology from analogue electronics and mechanical devices to digital technology. We are currently living through this revolution and it is changing the entire human experience. The end of analogue photography was precipitated by this revolution.

These were all monumental periods but the change principle applies even to the small decisions in our lives like exploring a new narrative with your art or dropping a habit you know is restricting your growth.


I have a great tip for you regarding the acceptance of change which will can lead to the emjoyment of the fullness of life. It is impossible to really enjoy anything that you own. As you live life you have to see yourself as an entity life wants to live through and not as an entity who wants to live life. Don't own anything. Thats the only way you can fully enjoy life. Have access to things and protect them but don't hold on to them at the expense of everything else. Hold things like you will hold a cat. Like the strings of a tuned guitar. Not too loose not too tight. Stop reading and hold your breath. After about a minute, the breath you took in will force itself out. If you breath normally the breaths will come in and out. That is how we should deal with change. Our dislike for change is slowly killing us and the planet. Even digital photography will move on one day so just enjoy it while it lasts.

You prevent new exciting things from happening to you when you deny change. Let the beauty of life live through you.


I have used photography for my change acceptance for years and have taught others how to use it as well.

1 Once a month take your camera out without the memory card. Make compositions which you can not view after. This will teach you how to enjoy the moment without holding on to it.

2 Intentionally start shooting in a different genre of photography from the one you prefer to shoot in. Remember , comfort is your worst enemy.


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