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It feels great coming home to the art and framing community. I was born into a hugely #artistic family in Anglophone Cameroon and have had an obsession with imagining, making and #interpreting positive #imagery for over thirty-five years. My dad was a Fine furniture maker, and I loved working with him but never really saw a connection between my love for working with wood and creating images until about eight years ago when I decided to quit my job in local authority management to follow the path of art. From my research on the art industry, I knew that I was about to take on a mighty giant, so I went back to university and studied Fine Art #Photography where I learned about the bitter historical rivalry between other artists and photographers. As a result, I made three decisions which now guide my career as an artist. The decisions are to unit artists, to be unique, and to make a noticeable contribution to the #art industry and #society at large.

1 To unit artists

-I do this by networking and interacting with other artists

-By Collaborating with other artists

-By giving artists discounts when they purchase my framing services.

2 To be unique

-I search and make sure I don’t put work out which looks like the work of any other artist.

-I go to great lengths to find new narratives which are unique.

-I present my work in unusual places and settings.

3 To make a noticeable contribution to the industry and society

-Give art #scholarships to the youth

-I offer my services to great organisations like the Fine Art Trade Guild and the Guild Society of Artists whose primary objective is to support artists.

-I speak and write about art taking its original glory in society.


I run a (full circle) studio called Halle Fine Art which deals in limited edition #ARTSURE Fine Art prints. Halle Fine Art has a framing department called Gifted Hands Framing. A full circle studio is a studio in which you can carry out work from concept, to print, to framing and installation at the highest standard in the land. I am blessed to be able to spend much time on personal projects which I don’t take for granted. My #collectors who are scattered across five continents have enabled me to spend more time developing more personal projects. I get to provide framing and #consultancy services to cooperate clients and individuals who suit my preference.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates)


I became an artist because of the power of imagery on the mind and on physical health. Several experiments have found that toxic thoughts cause over 89 per cent of diseases. My pieces are designed to be used as wall mentors to aid #healthy thinking. Intensive #research goes into the #compositions, and I help my clients to understand how to use the artwork to combat toxic thoughts and #visualise thoughts which yield beautiful fruits. Imagery speaks 60.000 quicker than words and can change your mood in an instant. #Aristotle once said, “The soul can not think without an image”. The mind dislikes emptiness. Thoughts are like seeds and the mind is self seeding. An empty mind can sow seeds you might not like. My pieces are designed to be healthy seeds for the mind which will yield good fruits in due season. This is the process of robust habit creation which in turn produces a good life.


Framing can be time-consuming and expensive, so I don't take my role as a framer lightly. Being a fine art #photographer and painter means I think in frames. This has made my picture framing much more exciting. The #frame has to become an extension of the piece of art. The frame has to cause the viewer to believe that the same person made the entire piece of art. Framers should see themselves as artists. Many I have spoken to, don’t. I do not particularly appreciate adding water to the ocean, so I am always looking for new ways of building frames for my clients. Uniqueness should not only be exercised in the way we look and dress but in how we do our work.

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