About Nukuna

I am a fine artist based in London. I use photography and other mark-making mediums to serve my visual artistic contributions to the world. I was born in Cameroon into a lineage of multi-talented artists and became the understudy of a master artist when my parents realised I had a natural ability to create and interpret images. Art took a back seat when I began suffering from an allergy which almost left me blind. 

After composing, recording and performing with several musicians, I felt called back to a vocation as a visual communicator. 


Here in the UK, I fulfilled my dream by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from the University of Hertfordshire. I am a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.


My work has been influenced by artists like Juan Sanchez Cotan, Edward Weston, Brassai, Gordon Parks. and a few more.


I see art as a way of viewing and responding to the world. My purpose is to use pure imagery to inform, challenge and empower my audience. I believe visual art holds the key to so many human problems.


I believe in the power of tangible art so I digitally print my work on fine art paper, and personally mount the pieces in bespoke frames to ensure the purity of my vision. In my London studio I create ARTSURE Fine Art Prints for an increasing number of collectors.